“Pravda” Prophecy

I was updating some obsolete links on this site’s old HTML pages when I stumbled across this old somewhat startling passage of mine. I wrote¬† it in 1998 about an even older 1989 writing project.

If you disagree strongly with the economic premise that 20th century Americans, despite unprecedented national prosperity, have largely been shafted out of any “excess disposable income” (savings) from the best and most productive years of their lives, then you’re going to object, on moral or patriotic grounds, to this Pravda project.

Pravda was my 1989 attempt to make some sense of the unfolding drama in the old Soviet Union. I gave up editing and revising this over-100 page project because events neatly outstripped my ability to keep up with them.¬† It’s not recommended for the faint of heart: I keep it for its historical and archival value of the sense of those times.

If my quote seemed relevant in 1998, as we gear up for the 2012 presidential elections, it seems prophetic now.

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