The Tigra menu is our custom menu Nav bar at the very top of our posts and pages. It is not part of the WordPress publishing package. Starting with WordPress release 3.2, we had to truncate the menu dropdown to a limit of 2 items. This is because the new  page header layout code contains JavaScript functionality which interfered with Tigra functionality. When a chain of Tigra dropdown menu items was long enough to superimpose over the page header area, the linked items were visible, but no longer worked. Since Tigra submenu items duplicated links that are already available in the sidebar on the right side of site pages, the solution for now is short dropdowns.

There are still a total of 11 Summitlake ‘Departments,’ and you can navigate to or from any of them using the black Tigra menu nav bar. The longest dropdown is now two items long (‘HTML’ contains ‘Humor’ and ‘Recipes’). Most departments now have a single dropdown, ‘Articles’, a quick and easy way to see a complete list of each department’s posts at a glance. I reviewed sidebar links in all departments to make sure links to major features are displayed. Remember, as discussed in our Site Nav article, you can always browse for content by Article, Archive (by month), Category, Tag or plain old sidebar links.

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… to our HOME page. See each DEPARTMENT for full posts in the menu above. Over 7.4 million pages served. Hosted by summitlake.com and Talking Crow Productions, on ICDSOFT. We excerpt large posts here and link to the original post in its department. Follow any announcement link to the full post. You can write us using the Reply form at the bottom of each standalone post, or the Write Summitlake.com link in the blue graphic at the bottom of this page. Thank you for visiting us. ~~ Alex Forbes, webmaster

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New Site Links

Hi, you’re viewing our new Summitlake.com installation of WordPress 3.o (multi-site). Multi-site went online Thursday afternoon, July 29, 2010.

Links to the 10 old site departments should automatically be redirected to the new URL addresses. Read more below.
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Site Info

Summitlake.com is a free, non-commercial private website featuring original content for both general and special interest readerships. Our site and domain name is solely owned and operated by Alexander Forbes, of Castro Valley, California and Phoenix, Arizona. You can contact Alex at Summitlake.com by clicking the “Write Us” button on almost any page on the site.

Summitlake.com began operation in 1995. We are currently hosted on a private virtual server provided by WestHost, Inc., of Utah. We host thousands of original articles, stories and photo images of our own creation and from several Guest authors and photographers.

Summitlake.com is subdivided into topical departments (Astronomy, HOME, Commentary, etc.) as shown in navigation menus and sidebar links. In general, sitewide information is posted and linked in our HOME department, and topical articles are posted in their respective departments and linked in department sidebars.

Information about Alex Forbes is available in ‘My Profile‘ on HOME page sidebars. Information about site organization is available in various sidebar links including our article on Site Nav.

Content provided by us or contributed by others is protected by Copyright. More information about allowable usage is available there. Readers interested in submitting content are encouraged to refer to the Manuscripts page in our Writing department.

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