C.Bear’s World – PUBLISHED!

“C.Bear’s NEW Story” appended to my book and uploaded as an Update over the weekend as promised. Readers who previously purchased our book can download the free Update via iBooks! Hey, we have our own cat now, too! – C.Bear, June 24

Alex has written a bunch of stories about us, mostly without askin’ us. After years and years on the web, they’re published on the Apple iBooks Store. He promises he will finish “C.Bear’s New Story” and upload Edition 2 as a free update to your book (epub) soon!

You can click this link to my book on Apple’s iBooks Store, where you can download a free (abridged) Sample of my book, or buy the whole thing for a whopping $1.99!

You can still find all my stories listed and linked on the web on our Writing Page sidebar. But we find they are easier to read in bed, all in one place and one book, on our tablet!

C.Bear’s World

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Two Vignettes by Fred Leeds

Ever the Twain Shall Meet: “I would treat East and West as complements in order to challenge the black and white thinking presented in the proverb.” New vignette by Fred Leeds, in WRITING.

When Words Collide: ” … it’s better to write largely about small events and but a little about great events.” New vignette by Fred Leeds, in WRITING.

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Letters: “Srimps”

“Srimps.” That’s all I remember now. Back in the day, there was a guy, a kid, maybe a girl, basically a young adult who didn’t know how to pronounce “shrimp.” We made fun of the person, to their face and behind their back, but it was always “srimp” and it’s a damn shame that after all the fun at someone else’s expense, I can’t remember anything other than “srimp …” Read my full story essay in Writing.

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Lunch at Ten Fu (1994)

The place seemed deserted. My watch said two-fifteen. Two waiters sprang to life while I waited by the “Please Wait To Be Seated” sign. One asked if he could help me. “Is it too late to be seated?” I asked cheerfully. Read the short story in Writing. Re-posted from my original 1994 HTML essay.

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