A Sense of Place

The full post of this article is an excerpt from my forthcoming BIO project, an autobiography.

I’m blessed to have explored John Muir’s Range of Light, but wilderness depends on where you find it. It is all beautiful when we learn how to see. I believe we’re all partly self-defined by direct experience of the richness of nature, and obtain our sense of place and belonging from that experience. Just as we can peer into the heavens with a telescope and bear testimony to the miraculous complexity of our universe, so too can we step into our back yard and revel in the layered density of life on Earth. And the odd thing is, for this experience it really doesn’t matter whether we live on the edge of Central Park or the sands of the Sahara. — Read the article in Outdoors.

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Stupid Half Dome Stunt

Half Dome, 1972. Alex remembers: “… Not photographed: toes over the edge, I leaned forward so I could see the valley floor between my feet. I’ve done lots of stupid things in my life, but that stunt takes the cake.” Article in Outdoors.

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My Cathedral

Memory is a funny phenomenon. Sometimes it all begins with a simple idea or statement … We may come away with a connection we hadn’t made before. This narrative begins with a connection between a PBS Nature special, and a mis-labeled 1972 photograph. See post for the article. In OUTDOORS.

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In a nutshell, we’re rather excited to announce both departments have finally been revamped with new gallery viewers, links and article formats.

OUTDOORS has been converted to WordPress. If you kept bookmarks to features in this department, you may need to update them. But you don’t need them. All the permalinks are on the sidebar. Just bookmark the page, or bookmark Summitlake.com and go anywhere from the site’s home index page.

PHOTO Notes has been remodeled with sidebar permalinks to 13 Galleries. Some of the old HTML pages have been retired. Some have been archived and you can access those via the “HTML Archives” sidebar permalinks.

RETIRED PAGES: old HTML pages may have been deleted or moved. When a page is considered “major”, like a department HTML index page, or the Friend’s Gallery HTML entry page, we have also placed a “redirect” to that bookmark users, or Google cache visitors, will be redirected automatically to the new location.

We also have recent postings in PHOTO Notes and My Notes, though I’m counting on you to watch the “At A Glance” listings on the home index page to track these new posts!

Hope you enjoy the changes. Many of the slide shows are NEW, so be sure to check them out!

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Place Names

In OUTDOORS we are pleased to add a new short article on Western Place Names. We briefly discuss Wallace Stegner’s biography of Major John Wesley Powell, explorer of the Colorado, Grand Canyon and the West. We link this to the naming of places in the area, and discover that at least some of the place names in those early Colorado Plateau expeditions managed to migrate to the Sierras of southern California.

And this, in turn, partially answers questions and musings about the colorful names in the area that I formed when hiking the Kings Canyon area in 1972.

Note, 10/11/2007: At post time we hadn’t yet read Names On The Land, by George R. Stewart. Look for a review in Writing Notes later this year.

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Robomatt photo album

We received permisson to share a remarkable winter image of Bridal Veil Falls by Robomatt. This photo is posted in OUTDOORS with links to the full-size image and photo galleries. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Plan to spend some time on the Robomatt photo album site to view his other wonderful collections of outdoor photography.

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Steelhead Lake

We’ve posted a fine panorama photo from Dave Norton in OUTDOORS. Scroll down to Panoramas, and look for Dave’s on top. Clickng the “thumbnail” image gives you a stunning 2735×768 pixel pan – far too big (and too wide) for your desktop picture!

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