National Jukebox

A friend sent us the link to the US national repository for “heritage” music and early recordings — from the dawn of the recorded audio age. These Library of Congress recordings are generally all around 100 years old. They’ve been digitized – a massive undertaking, and, given their age and the sound quality of early recordings, a challenge. As you’d expect, this is really vintage stuff, but I doubt it can be found elsewhere in the public domain … See the post and visit the archive in Miscellany.

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‘Miscellany’ Converting to WordPress

We weren’t going to add a ninth WordPress department, but I’ve been eying several objectionable issues with fancy old HTML features. Finally, it seemed easier to convert Miscellany than fix the old pages.

At this writing (Saturday December 15), all HTML Miscellany pages have been converted to WordPress in the new Miscellany. Links have been converted. If you do find links to the old Miscellany index page, they are being redirected to the new page. The old pages will go away soon as part of normal housekeeping.

Let’s review how you can locate a WordPress page in any department. The Miscellany link above is constructed so that it will open a new browser window. You can read this and practice with the new Miscellany page at the same time. Click the link.

Under Pages (right hand menu), find:

  • Articles
  • Recent Posts

Articles lists all WordPress articles for this department. It is broken out by category. Recent Posts usually shows only the last five of those.

Under Archives, WordPress has compiled listings for posts by month and year. Let’s say you read a wacky article on making a Squirrel Detector. You don’t remember the article name and can’t figure out how one would categorize this one. But you do remember reading it in about May of 2005. You could find Home-Made Squirrel Detector this way.

Under Category, we made WordPress break out listings by how we categorized our posts. Click the link for Puzzles to see all the puzzles we’ve posted to Miscellany. Click the link to Tobaccos to see all the experiments we’ve posted on custom pipe tobacco blends.

Astronomy Department

Astronomy was created anew as a WordPress department some time ago. New posts are all done in WordPress. We are converting the older HTML content to WordPress. Their indexing will start to appear in the WordPress Astronomy page. As this occurs, you will find older pages showing up in WordPress with categories and older Archive dates going back to 2003. Some pages (like the exposure calculation tables) show up as “Pages” links in the menu. When we’re done, there will be no more HTML indexes, and we can finally remove the blue button that lists HTML pages in hybrid HTML/WordPress departments.

Retro-conversion of other departments will probably take years, but the result should be a more consistent and easier to navigate site. The nifty cgi HTML page auto-lists will largely become a thing of the past, but in exchange, you’re getting listings that not only give you file names, but dates and article excerpts to better help browse

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“Rain in The Cards”

1. It’s raining in the SF Bay Area! The cold snap is finally ending!

2. We posted observations about our addictive Klondike card game (Solitaire) in Miscellany. At last, for all you Klondike fans – all one or two of you – here are some strategy tips that should improve your odds of winning. Solsuite says the odds of winning are about 1 in 5. I’m at 47% and think I could do better.

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Note for Les

This note is mainly for Les, who has written twice in response to a posting in “What’s New”. Les, all my replies to you are being returned as undeliverable. Subject: “Blender’s Gold” Mellow Blend Pipe Tobacco, distributed by East West Distributing Co, Deerfield, IL 60015.

I used to buy these 12 oz bags at a Walgreen’s when vacationing in Phoenix, because the local store here (Castro Valley CA) did not carry it at all. The Phoenix Walgreen’s just discontinued the line last month. I don’t know which Walgreens may still carry Mellow Blend, nor have I seen another store that does carry it. I mix my own (See “Alex’s No. 1” in my article “Tobaccos 2“), but it is not really a replica of Mellow Blend, having more Black Cavendish. (I like mine better).

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